Patreon FT Art Book 2021

This Art Book collects all the TF illustrations from our Patreon Commission list-2021. All the pages were drawn by the artist Homero GO, whose unparalleled talent allowed him to express the different Transformation Ideas of our Graphene members. The inks were done by the great Rillf and the excellent colors by the unrivaled Art of Helios.


:bulletgreen: Pages: 25 + 1 Cover

:bulletgreen: TF: Many TFs

:bulletgreen: Digital artbook

:bulletgreen: Only for adults (18+)

:bulletgreen: PATREON FEMALE TRANSFORMATION - Commission List 2021

:bulletgreen: Editing by Locofuria copyright 2022

:bulletgreen: Art by Homero Go

:bulletgreen: Lineart by Rillf

:bulletgreen: Lineart & Colors by Art of Helios

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40.97MB PDF Download

USD 9.00

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