Sandy has made up her mind and she’s ready to win the first place on the Gymnastics Department Finals, even if she has to use an experimental formula to give herself some “Feline” reflexes.


:bulletgreen:Pages: 20 + 1 Cover 

:bulletgreen:TF: Werecat/Breast Expansion/Female Muscle Growth

:bulletgreen:Digital comic

:bulletgreen:Only for adults ( 18+ )

:bulletgreen:PATREON FEMALE TRANSFORMATION - 18° Patreon Project 

:bulletgreen:Designed by Locofuria copyright 2020

:bulletgreen:Idea by Michael Holzer

:bulletgreen:Art by Homero Go

:bulletgreen:Lineart by Rillf 

:bulletgreen:Color by Izamu 

:bulletgreen:Colors cover by Mr. D

:bulletgreen:Lettering by Aivinr

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USD 10.00

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