A Sowful Day

An unseen being, filled by unknown intentions, uses its power for its own amusement. When three girls grab its attention, something weird will happen. Are these girls unlucky? And what a bunch of pigs got to do with it? Let’s find out.


Bullet; GreenPages: 15 + 1 Cover

Bullet; GreenTF: Werepig/Multibreast/Breast Expansion

Bullet; GreenDigital comic

Bullet; GreenOnly for adults ( 18+ )

Bullet; GreenEditing by Locofuria copyright 2021

Bullet; GreenArt by Homero Go

Bullet; GreenLineart by Gunawanistiadi1278 

Bullet; GreenColors by Ruvian 

Bullet; GreenCommissioned by P.R.

Bullet; GreenLetters by Aivinr

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36.9MB PDF Download

USD 9.00

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