Horsing Around

Alina lives everyday running and giving her best to the sport she loves: athletics. One day, after losing a race under strange circumstances, she is drugged with a strange substance that will turn her into something else!


:bulletgreen: Pages: 18 + 1 Cover

:bulletgreen: TF: Werehorse/Multibreast/Female Muscle Growth/Breast Expansion

:bulletgreen: Digital comic

:bulletgreen: Only for adults (18+)

:bulletgreen: FEMALE TRANSFORMATION - 47th Patreon Project

:bulletgreen: Designed by Locofuria copyright 2021

:bulletgreen: Editing by Soul Joer

:bulletgreen: Idea by Philip Wang

:bulletgreen: Lineart by Genomod

:bulletgreen: Colors by Ruvian

:bulletgreen: Cover colors by Art of Helios

:bulletgreen: Lettering by Francis Francia

:bulletgreen: Written by Andean Rain

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USD 9.00

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