Possession Jutsu

Team #15 has been assigned to its first mission, and Hanabi as their leader, must teach them the Summoning Jutsu, which will go terrible wrong and will bring terrible consequences.


:bulletgreen: Pages: 15+ 1 Cover

:bulletgreen: TF: Weredog/Werewolf/Possession/Breast expansion

:bulletgreen: Digital comic

:bulletgreen: Only for adults (18+)

:bulletgreen: PATREON FEMALE TRANSFORMATION - 23th Patreon Project

:bulletgreen: Editing by Locofuria copyright 2021

:bulletgreen: Lineart by Rillf

:bulletgreen: Colors by Voltesfibz

:bulletgreen: Colors cover by Art of Helios

:bulletgreen: Lettering by Francis Francia

:bulletgreen: Art by Homero Go

:bulletgreen: Idea by Autoenigma

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