Cold-Hearted Tamer

Rika continues with her doubts about digivolution while Ice Devimon comes stalking her, since he considers her his soul mate and is determined to do anything to convince her to become a digimon.


Bullet; Green Pages: 20 + 1 Cover

Bullet; Green TF: Digimon/Age Progression/Lady Devimon/Corruption

Bullet; Green Digital comic

Bullet; Green Only for adults (18+)

Bullet; Green PATREON FEMALE TRANSFORMATION - 64th Patreon Project

Bullet; Green Editing by Locofuria- Published 2023

Bullet; Green Art by Homero Go

Bullet; Green Lineart by Gunawanistiadi1278 

Bullet; Green Colors by IZA

Bullet; Green Cover colors by Heliosart00

Bullet; Green Lettering by Aivinr 

Bullet; Green Idea by Naries

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USD 9.50

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