Evil Coronation - Complete Edition

Bulma and her friends have been captured in the old castle from the mountain of the Devil's hand, which is inhabited by the terrible Lucifer, who plans to drink their blood and turn Bulma into his new vampire queen while Goku and Krillin are in search of the "Sleeping Princess" diamond and are closely followed by a mysterious young woman.


:bulletgreen:Pages: 46 + 27 Bonus + 1 Cover

:bulletgreen:Additional: New comic pages + Bonus

:bulletgreen:TF: Vampire/Breast Expansion/Butt Expansion

:bulletgreen:Cost: $15

:bulletgreen:Digital comic

:bulletgreen:Only for adults ( 18+ )

:bulletgreen:Story & Editing by Locofuria - Copyright 2020

:bulletgreen:Sponsored by VY

:bulletgreen:Art by Dante Mondego

:bulletgreen:Lettering by Aivinr 

:bulletgreen:Cover Art by Atreyu Studio & Art of Helios

:bulletgreen:Additional Covers by Voltesfibz

:bulletgreen:Additional Art by Ale-Mangekyo & Homero Go

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USD 15.00

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