Symbiote Queen - Complete Edition

New York City has been plagued by the Symbiote Carnage who plan to take Mary Jane their new queen. But Spiderman with the help of his friends, aim to put an end to their evil schemes, at all costs!


:bulletgreen: Pages: 82 + 5 Bonus + 1 Cover + 3 Subcovers

:bulletgreen: Additional: New comic pages + Bonus

:bulletgreen: TF: Symbiote/Mind Control/Slime/Corruption

:bulletgreen: Digital comic

:bulletgreen: Only for adults (18+)

:bulletgreen: Complete Edition supported by PATREON FEMALE TRANSFORMATION

:bulletgreen: Editing by Locofuria - Published December 2022

:bulletgreen: Art by 6evilsonic6

:bulletgreen: Extra Pages - Colors by Edwin Estrada

:bulletgreen: Cover Colors by Heliosart00

:bulletgreen: Lettering by Aivinr & Francis Francia

:bulletgreen: Additional Art by Homer Go

:bulletgreen: Script Editing by JessHavok

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