Mandragora the Girl and the Fae #25

Two go in, one goes out! After a trip to the woods, Neil and Amanda try to leave this maze of trees without success. Soon, the couple finds out that they’re trapped by Nuerthall, the Fae queen of the forest. She tells them that only one can leave and Amanda let her boyfriend go thinking he will come back to save her. After weeks of being there, Amanda and the Fae grow closer. What will this new friendship bring to Amanda? One thing is clear, it will change her to her core!


Bullet; GreenPages: 24 + 1 Cover 

Bullet; GreenTF: Dryad/Plant Girl

Bullet; GreenDigital sequence book

Bullet; GreenProduction by Lycan Studios SAC copyright 2020

Bullet; GreenIdea by Locofuria 

Bullet; GreenEditing by Soul Joer 

Bullet; GreenArt by Arnold

Bullet; GreenColors by Akriel 

Bullet; GreenLettering by Aivinr 

Bullet; GreenWritten by Andean Rain

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USD 9.00

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