Tamer of Beasts #37

​Hannah had always dreamed of being the center of attention in her circus, until Allery appeared. A shiny black panther that stole the show. Now Hannah plans to get rid of it, little did she know however; The cat holds a mystical secret!


:bulletgreen: Pages: 24 + 1 Cover

:bulletgreen: TF: Werepanther/Feline Girl/Female Muscle Growth/Breast Expansion

:bulletgreen: Digital sequence book

:bulletgreen: Only for adults (18+)

:bulletgreen: Production by Lycan Studios SAC copyright 2022

:bulletgreen: Original Idea by Locofuria copyright 2022

:bulletgreen: Editing by Homero Go

:bulletgreen: Art by 06024D

:bulletgreen: Colors by Zukupow

:bulletgreen: Cover Colors by Heliosart00

:bulletgreen: Script Editing & Letters by JessHavok

:bulletgreen: Written by Andean Rain

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