An Eye for an Eye #45

A deathly tradition has haunted Alessa's town for decades: The sacrifice of a maiden in exchange for the people's survival. Tired of this savagery, Alessa decides to challenge the Cyclop, without knowing her fate would change forever.


Bullet; Green Pages: 24 + 1 Cover

Bullet; Green TF: Cyclops Girl/Female Muscle Growth/Growth

Bullet; Green Digital sequence book

Bullet; Green Preview video:

Bullet; Green Production by Lycan Studios SAC copyright 2023

Bullet; Green Original Idea by Locofuria

Bullet; Green Editing & Lettering by Aivinr

Bullet; Green Art by Artnoldman 

Bullet; Green Colors by Christiaan Mateo 

Bullet; Green Cover Colors by Heliosart00 

Bullet; Green Written by Andean Rain

Bullet; Green Script Editing by JessHavok 

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USD 9.00

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